Our Nor-Tech Showroom

Legacy of Excellence

When they were first running around boatyards in Norway as youngsters in the 1970s, Trond Schou and Nils Johnsen weren’t thinking about their legacy.

They were thinking about — and obsessed with — sports cars and boats.

That still holds true today. Just on a much grander scale.

Twenty-eight years ago, the first Nor-Tech powerboat hit the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida with exceptional craftsmanship, speed, and style like no other. Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats had 2 employees — Trond and Nils.

If there’s a boat we can dream up, why not build it?” says Nils, Nor-Tech’s chief designer who is often inspired by his cherry red Lamborghini Countach. “If we can build it, we will.

The co-founders can still be found on the production room floor working on boats and designs in one of their four Southwest Florida facilities just as much as they can be found in their offices, handling the day-to-day operations.

“It’s an honor to build fast, stylish, and luxurious boats that give owners and families happy memories on the water. Nothing beats that feeling. Everything is custom tailored to the owners’ lifestyle — we’re very proud to be able to design and create something unique to them. We take great care in our boat-building process to handcraft exceptional boats that take your breath away and that you can’t get anywhere else in the world.” – Trond Schou